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Livestock Management Procedures

Manure and Compost Heaps

Play Area

Traction Engine Rides

At Greenacres Animal Park the health and safety of our visitors and animals is very important to us.

Animal contact is limited only to supervised petting areas. This is to protect the animals, educate the children about the animals they are holding and to ensure that animals and guests are safe from harm during the experience.

There are some rules while visiting the petting area:

•  No eating is permitted whilst handling our animals.

•  Pregnant women are not permitted to touch the lambs.

• All young children can see all of our animals with parents or carers - but are not permitted to hold them.

• Parents/carers MUST supervise young children when washing their hands to ensure all areas are fully cleaned.

This is for your child’s safety. Children of this age do not understand that they must not put their fingers in their mouths before washing their hands.

Click here to read an NHS fact sheet on avoiding infection when visiting farms

Procedures are in place to ensure that animals who have just given birth, or just been born are kept away from contact areas. Any animals showing signs of ill health or stress are removed from contact areas.

At Greenacres we strive to keep animals and their environment as clean as possible.

Manure and compost heaps are kept well away from any area that visitors are expected to access. All tools used on the Animal Park are regularly cleaned, maintained and kept in a safe place away from children.

Our children’s play area is built upon safety surface and is inspected on a daily basis for any loose nuts and

bolts or any defects. We keep our play area clean and tidy so that the children can enjoy themselves.

Our trailers feature secure rowed seating with doors which are locked by the driver prior to departure. These

cannot be easily unlocked during the ride. There is a verbal safety announcement instructing all visitors to

remain seated until the trailer comes to a complete stop.

First Aid

Although we strive to ensure that Greenacres Animal Park is a very safe environment, inevitably minor injuries can still occur. We have a First Aid Room with a qualified First Aider who can assist you if you have any problems.

There are washing facilities:

Right next to our animal petting area, At the toilet block and at various taps around the park (where footwear may be washed prior to departure)

Eating and picnic areas are away from animal enclosures. Picnic tables are provided both outside and under cover and are cleaned daily.

Hand Washing & Eating